Fit to Work – MLC 2006

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE TAKE NOTE. In January we will be emailing your captains:

Because of the strictness of the implementation of MLC 2006, Crew Asia cannot deploy Crew without a FIT TO WORK certification from a POEA and DOH approved clinic.

In the past even if crew did not possess the FIT TO WORK CERTIFICATE; if yacht and crew signed a waiver crew could be deployed.

WE CANNOT CONTINUE to do so. It has become known to us that despite a signed waiver unfortunately because of the existence of ambulance chasers; of a slightly skewed legal system; and MLC 2006 this waiver is not enough.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Stay healthy. Eat well. Drink moderately. Exercise. And, when your medical needs to be done – just do it at once! Your career depends upon your good health; your family depends on this also!

We are all getting older and therefore have to treat our body with the respect it deserves!

For strict compliance!