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Career Opportunities

Opportunity. Travel. Challenge.

Do you have the proper documentation to be a seafarer? Are you more than 16 years old? Do you have on board experience locally or internationally? Do you have a good to excellent command of English? Do you have the desire to expand your personal and professional horizons? Do you have the professionalism to represent your country abroad? Do you have a positive reference or evaluation from your previous work experiences?

If your answers to these questions is yes, Crew Asia presents a career in yachting.

How to get a job on board a mega-yacht:

STEP 1: Download and fill in an application form relevant to the position you are applying for:

STEP 2: Gather these requirements:

  • A Current Resume:
  • 2 onboard references or 2 onboard evaluations (If you have more than 2, this is a plus!)
  • Current Photographs: (In business attire or uniform, white background)
  • 1 pc 4R head shot
  • 1 pc 4R full body
  • SSS, Phil Health, and Pag-Ibig Numbers
  • Clear Photocopies of:
  • Training Certificates
  •  TOR or Diploma
  •  Certification of Employments
  •  Passport (1st page)
  •  Seaman’s Book (1st page)
  •  All current visas
  •  NSO Birth Certificate
  •  BST dated 2009 – present or SOLAS
  •  COC
  •  SDSD Certificate
  •  Licenses when needed

STEP 3: File and fasten the application form and requirements in a long white folder

STEP 4: Submit the file to the Recruitment Department.  You can deliver by hand, courier, or Email

Email address:

Mailing Address:

  • Recruitment Department
  • Suite 403 Cebu Holdings Center,
  • Cardinal Rosales Ave.,
  • Cebu Business Park,
  • Cebu City 6000, Philippines